What is Search Engine Optimisation?

search engine optimisation

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

There is a lot of buzz on the internet and in business circles about search engine optimisation (SEO). I am sure you have heard of it or know someone who has. SEO is important, and it can help your website to be found by potential customers.

However, it is also important to recognise that SEO has more to do with link building than it does with ranking in search engines. Link building plays a big part in your ability to achieve rankings in search engines.

SEO has long been used to provide links to websites, however, it has now become a whole industry. So, what is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is where the optimisation of web pages, whether this includes articles, blogs, or anything else, is conducted in order to attract traffic. It is also known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It can mean various things to different people and the reason for the change of emphasis over the years is because there are more than one types of optimization.

The search engines are used for link building, not ranking. The article directories are often used to rank in search engines but in the eyes of the search engines, it is still link building, they use the weight of content, and the quality of content, to determine the ranking of the website.

Search engine optimisation has always been used by many to gain link popularity. But the emphasis has changed over the years.

As I was saying, search engine optimisation is about link building and it has been used for many years. Whether it is to get your website high in search engine rankings or to have better accessibility to your audience, it is still important.

One of the most important aspects of link building is the type of links. It is essential to make sure that the links are quality and relevant. Some of the links should be just one way that is never going to work well.

Now, back to SEO, search engine optimisation is not just about SEO. When I say “sitemap” do you know what that means?

It is also about making sure that a user can quickly navigate through your website without feeling overwhelmed. Many people come across pages with pages of text, which take longer to read and that is not good for an SEO standpoint.

Make sure that you use words such as “content”, “links”link popularity” to describe your website content. These are all important aspects of search engine optimisation and link building.

So, remember that search engine optimization is not just about SEO. This is another aspect that has many other factors to it.