The Google Panda Update and Its Impact on SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEM) is simply the process of enhancing the quality and volume of site traffic to a site or a particular web page through search engines. This is normally done by improving the website’s Search Engine Result Position (SERP). Search engine optimisation is one of the most effective ways for internet marketers to increase the amount of targeted web traffic. As a result, SEM ensures that your site can appear in the first few pages of search results whenever a user types in a search term or keyword. However, to achieve optimum results in SEM, you need to combine a number of different techniques and strategies.

search engine optimisation

Link building is one of the key elements of search engine marketing and SEO. In fact, it is one of the most cost-effective means of SEM. By making use of links, your site can be improved in rankings in search engines for specific search terms. Links can be one-way in nature, which means they provide only relevant access to your website. Two-way links, on the other hand, provide more access to your site.

Social media is a popular venue for internet marketers these days. The increasing popularity of such platforms as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has paved the way for more sites to incorporate social media into their search engine optimization (SEM) strategy. The number of social media websites is steadily increasing, as well as the number of search engine websites that allow users to interact with these sites. Therefore, the possibility of ranking high for certain search terms on major search engines like Google and Yahoo has become increasingly unlikely.

Search algorithms are constantly changing. They change according to the latest market trends and internet users’ behavior. As a result, webmasters need to make sure that their SEO strategies are updated regularly. If webmasters do not update their strategies on a regular basis, they may find themselves leaving a lot of room for competitors to exploit these algorithms.

According to a blog written by Google Senior Staff Engineer, David Bailey, Google has received “thousands” of emails regarding the Panda updates. Google’s Associate Director, David Bailey, stated on his blog that Google will be “reshuffling” its search engine rankings but did not provide any further details. It is also expected that Google will unveil some new tools or feature at a later date. However, one thing is for sure – the new algorithm will surely change the way we do SEO.

One of the most affected areas is social media. Many webmasters still believe that the algorithms used by Google are largely based on the keywords input to search engines like Google. However, according to Google Senior Staff Engineer, David Bailey, the algorithm change brought about a “big change in how we rank websites”. Google Assistant, a feature introduced by Google recently, was affected by the changes. This was because some of the social media applications used by Google were inconsistent with the new ranking algorithms.

Another algorithm change, this time from Google’s top management, has been labeled as the Panda Update. This algorithm change reduced the authority of links provided by Google’s other partners in the SEO and social media space. To put it simply, this means that links from offline sites will no longer be given priority over those from online sites when it comes to the rankings of search engines like Google. The ranking of sites will be dependent on the quality of the content on them. This change has already caused a number of SEO companies to re-think their strategies to make them more consistent with the new ranking algorithms.

Overall, Google’s Panda Update is still a welcome change for the SEO community. Some people might even call it a step forward in improving the state of the industry. However, SEO professionals need to continue to focus on the quality of the sites they promote and create high quality content for their clients. While Google’s latest algorithm update is only a temporary setback, many SEO firms would agree that it is too late to change the fundamental methods and processes of SEO optimisation. A thorough understanding of the Google algorithms, as well as the current marketing landscape, will always be crucial in maintaining a successful SEO marketing campaign.