Improving Traffic Through SEO Firm Backlinks

Link building refers to the process of creating inbound links from other websites in your industry. In the world of internet marketing, link building represents efforts aimed at improving the quantity and quality of inbound web links to a specific page with the aim of boosting that site’s search engine ranking. This is done by acquiring other sites with similar content that point back to your site in an attempt to boost the traffic received by that page. In some ways, it is similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because both are forms of link building.


Link building begins with the creation of backlinks from related sites. These backlinks are added to the target site by way of natural or organic methods. Natural link building methods refer to those that occur naturally on the Internet. An example of this could be an article posted at a related blog or forum which is then picked up by other blogs and forums, ultimately reaching a targeted audience.

The second method used to create backlinks is through link trading. This entails another website owner offering to put a link on your website in return for you placing a link on theirs. This can often times result in a win-win situation for both parties since the website owners are gaining exposure and the site owners are gaining link popularity. Many SEO firms encourage website owners to engage in link exchanging.

It is important for an SEO firm to have a good understanding of the different backlinking techniques. For SEO purposes, a backlink profile is essentially a list of websites that your target audience may wish to visit. This backlink profile should consist of many categories, including relevant categories. For instance, if your target market is physicians in an urban area, you would most likely want to include websites focusing on health topics in your backlinks.

One way SEO firms have utilized link building is by purchasing links. In order to purchase these links, SEO firms must first obtain permission from the website owners. The method used to purchase these links is called reciprocal linking. Reciprocal linking involves paying a website owner for a link on his or her website. The website owner gives a link to an SEO firm. In return, the SEO firm places a link to their website on the website owner’s site.

Another way SEO firms have utilized link exchange is by doing what is known as dofollow backlinks. In order to implement dofollow backlinks, an SEO firm will place its own link onto the page where they would like to place the link of another website. For this method to work well, it must be noted that the website owner must allow for the backlink to be placed on their website. If the website owner does not allow for the backlink, the SEO firm will most likely not take the link. If a site owner agrees to allow a backlink, it is important that he or she allows for the link to be placed on a page that has solid content.

An effective SEO firm will also be able to create backlink profiles that are beneficial to both parties. Backlink profiles are simply pages within a website that contain backlinks from various other pages. A backlink profile can contain any number of different links from other websites. These backlinks act in conjunction with one another to promote a particular website and increase traffic.

In addition to purchasing backlinks, another way an SEO firm can increase traffic is through broken link building. Broken link building is a method where an SEO firm purposefully breaks the link of another website in an attempt to draw traffic. The purpose behind doing this is two fold. First, it helps to establish a sense of credibility and importance for the SEO firm. Secondly, it helps to provide users with information that might otherwise be hard to find.