How to Be the Top Social Media Site in Google’s Social Media Report?

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How to Be the Top Social Media Site in Google’s Social Media Report?

Digital marketing can be seen as a subcategory of search engine marketing. Using digital tools and techniques like blogs, forums, emails, email drip campaigns, articles, social networking and more, any business can grow more web traffic with each passing month. Here are some best practices to put into play to convert more web traffic into customers.

One: The biggest mistake most businesses make is they target audience and talk about the products too much. Instead of giving useful information to the audience, the product should be relevant to the audience’s interests. This will give you better results.

Two: The first mistake is that most businesses talk too much about the product or not enough about the target audience. For example, you are selling lawnmowers to gardening clubs. You can talk about the mowers in a newsletter or forum. If you were to only talk about the lawnmowers in general, then the garden clubs will not listen.

Think of this as a puzzle. You give your audience information that is useful. You will be able to convert more traffic into customers.

Three: You must ask your audience if they want more information and keep them interested by providing reader engagement. The more interesting and entertaining the content you provide, the more they will be interested in reading it. This will provide for better conversion rate.

Four: When producing useful content, do not waste time and effort on something trivial. You need to include a catchy headline to catch the reader’s attention and keep the reader interested. The more interesting the headline, the more readers will be motivated to read.

Five: While including interesting content, don’t include funny stories, just light humorous stories with easy reading. The truth is, reading an article filled with stories is hard to understand and long-winded. Use humour to lighten the tone of the article, and the reader will easily be engaged.

Six: Remember to create a website that is interesting and powerful. Always use keywords in the title and in the body of the text. If you don’t have keywords, your content will have less visibility and better conversion rate.

Seven: You must set your website apart from others. You must be the first thing they see when they go to a search engine. There is no sense of belonging to the crowd when you don’t provide a unique value to your audience. You must use keywords to target the searchers.

Be sure to keep the website updated with the latest technologies and information. You will have a hard time creating organic traffic with outdated information. Set up a blog that will be read by your audience and provide value to them.

The final tip is to make sure that you get traffic to your website, not by serving them, but by providing value to them. Let them know that you are their ultimate source of information. This is your ticket to capturing more web traffic to your website and start improving your sales.