Challenges of an Inbound Marketing Campaign

Digital Marketing is the part of advertising which uses web-based technologies including mobile phones, desktop computers and various other electronic media and channels to advertise products and services worldwide. This form of advertising is very easy to understand and it can be used for generating traffic to a website or promoting a product or service worldwide. It is an inexpensive way of advertising but it is very effective in reaching the targeted market. Let us examine some of the key aspects of digital marketing and its effectiveness.

digital marketing

The major aim of digital marketing is to acquire a new customer base. It helps you to acquire new potential customers, which increases your customer base and improve your reputation and visibility in the market. There are various techniques and strategies through which you can reach potential customers online. These include email marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, social bookmarking and search engine marketing.

In recent years there has been a considerable increase in the use of digital advertising platforms in comparison with the traditional marketing strategies. The increased reach and response from the online users have also given a boost to the traditional marketing strategies. However, there are several differences between digital marketing strategies and traditional marketing strategies. Below is a brief comparison of these two forms of advertising methods so that you can understand the difference better.

Traditional Marketing When we talk about traditional marketing, the focus is on building brand awareness and creating a brand image in the consumers’ mind by using television, radio, yellow pages, newspapers etc. through the different types of media. There are many kinds of offline and online marketing campaigns using which you can build a brand image among your audience. TV commercials, radio ads and newspaper ads can be displayed in digital channels for sending direct messages to the audience. You can also use online marketing strategies like email marketing, pay per click advertising, search engine marketing, etc., in order to send your advertisements to specific audience group or geography. This helps in reaching out to more potential customers.

On the other hand, digital marketing campaigns help in engaging the buyer and remind him about the product or service. Digital channels in digital marketing campaigns provide the buyers with real time information such as price, features, benefits and so on. Thus, a good inbound marketing campaign will be able to convince the buyer about the brand.

Customer Retention Buyer retention is another key challenge for traditional marketing campaigns. A number of studies have revealed that customer retention is much higher when compared to online marketing campaigns. This means that customers do not easily switch over to another product or service. This is because of the lack of quality within the product or service. With the help of digital marketing campaigns analytics and research data, digital marketers can get detailed information about the customers and study their likes and dislikes.

Conversion to Sales Conversion is yet another challenge for any marketer, especially when there is limited or no budget for advertising. By employing the right digital marketing efforts, marketers are able to convert prospects into customers. Most of the times, this involves creating awareness, creating a good first impression, creating awareness through search engine optimization and then capturing the buyer’s attention. It is only through effective digital marketing efforts that marketers are able to convert prospects into buyers.

Through digital marketing strategies, digital marketers are also able to increase the number of conversions. Through inbound marketing, digital marketers can easily improve the brand reputation and visibility of the brand. When using the right digital marketing platform, it is very important to use all the platforms effectively. For example, social media sites should be utilized before launching the brand’s official website.