Backlinks and Paleo desserts: An SEO Worked Example

Link building refers to the process of creating inbound links from other websites. In the world of search engine optimization, link building refers to activities aimed at enhancing the quantity and quality of outbound links for a specific webpage with the intention of boosting that page’s search engine ranking. There are two common forms of link building: content link building and keyword link building. In this article, we’ll discuss the content link building strategy.


Content link building is an act of putting a link in a text or HTML document of another website without using any anchor text. It requires no manual penalty because Google considers all links on web pages as one way to get to the target site. However, Google also considers the number of external websites linking to the target page (a single-site link) as one way to get to the target site. This is known as the ‘inks’ strategy.

One well-known content link building strategy is to create guest posts on forums or blog posts. A blog is likely to attract many visitors if the author has a lot of useful information about the business. The more helpful an author is, the more visitors he or she will likely attract to the website. And generally, those visitors are targeted visitors who are most likely linked.

Another well-known strategy is to write articles about your industry or products and submit them to article directories, web 2.0 sites, social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and others. The more quality backlinks you have from articles you’ve written, the better. You can also try to make guest posts on blogs and forum topics related to your business niche. This is a good strategy for creating more backlinks as well. You can ask other bloggers and active Internet users about their favorite products and use the article title as your backlink.

One of the newest methods of building links is building visual assets. You can easily create visual assets using sites like Stock photography, illustrations, video clips, and animation. Visuals are usually embedded in articles or posted in blogs. You can also use graphics in email messages and on your websites. This works especially well for SEO and it is also a great way to build relationships with other bloggers, professionals, and subscribers to your list.

For example, let’s say that you want to promote an affiliate product. You could draw a real-life example of it in a photo or create a gallery out of infographics or PowerPoint presentation. This is one of the easiest ways of creating backlinks. But creating visual assets can be very time consuming. So if you don’t have the time to create them, you should consider outsourcing such tasks.

With an SEO service, you can get your keyword research done by experts who already know the exact keywords to use in your marketing campaigns. They can also provide you with fresh, relevant backlinks so you won’t have to spend lots of time building links from scratch. Another benefit is that most SEO experts will also be able to provide you with social media monitoring services. With this, you’ll be able to see which social media are working for you and which ones aren’t.

If you are using anchor text in your blogs and articles, SEO experts can also give you tips and guidelines for building links with text. If you are a beginner, you can learn from them and apply their techniques in SEO work. You can also request a paper desserts link editorially placed ads from an SEO link builder. However, you should do some background checking to make sure that the service provider you’re going to hire is reputable.